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Quality, health and
safety, and the environment

Getting to know BUKO Infrasupport means learning why we are ACE These three factors translate into specific rules (Dutch only) of behaviour, and describe how we interact internally and with our customers in the areas of quality, health and safety, and the environment:


Awareness of the risks and their attendant consequences. Not taking any risks for the sake of a quick buck. Not wearing blinkers. Being able to rely on each other.


Assuming responsibility. Showing commitment. Smart and safe solutions to problems. Working by the rules. Acting professionally.


Looking beyond today’s issues. Supporting each other. Sharing knowledge with each other. Mutual respect and trust.


Every day, BUKO Infrasupport’s employees are making an important contribution to the safety of road users and those who work on our roads in the Netherlands. To create a safe situation, we start with safe and environmentally aware working conditions for our own employees, which means neither they nor third parties are exposed unnecessarily to unacceptable risks. This is why we have an active policy and strive for continuous improvement in the area of quality, health and safety, and the environment.

Our policy has meant that BUKO Infrasupport has been able to qualify for business certification in the six areas of:


In making sure that we provide a safe environment for both road users and those working on the road, the quality of the traffic control measures and the quality of our services both play an important role. This is why we use a quality management system to flag up shortcomings and improve the way we run our business. Our quality system is certified under:

  • NEN-EN-ISO 9001


As an employer, BUKO Infrasupport is responsible for the safety, health and welfare of its employees. This is why we attach importance to making the rules that apply within our organisation very clear. Ensuring good working conditions is an important focus. Our safety management system has to ensure that everyone who performs any activities at BUKO Infrasupport feels they are protected from the risks they have to deal with. Our safety system is certified under:

  • VCA* (Safety, Health and Environment checklist)
  • Safety culture ladder Step 3


Ensuring a better future is a core concern for BUKO Infrasupport. By applying an environmental management system we continuously pay attention to the health of our employees and the burden our services place on the environment. Our environmental system is certified under:

We regularly communicate our progress in relation to the CO2 Performance ladder. You can find more information about our CO2 reduction (targets) here.


At every level within our organisation, great importance is attached to professional skills and experience. We work in a professional, results oriented way, using our expertise and skills whenever we apply traffic control measures. Our KAM (quality, health & safety, environment) system is certified under:

  • Assessment guideline BRL 9101

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