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Intervention Motorcycle Team

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BUKO Infrasupport is the leading expert when it comes to temporary traffic control systems. Unfortunately, installing temporary traffic control systems can cause delays for road users and those in the local area. This is taken into account as far as possible when setting up the plan, which can also include deploying an Intervention Motorcycle Team (IMT). Even for local infrastructure projects, and definitely for large, complex projects or large-scale public events, the use of an IMT can add an enormous amount of value. BUKO Infrasupport’s IMT consists of professionally trained colleagues, can be deployed flexibly and can therefore intervene rapidly where there are rapidly changing situations on the roads. Because of their ability, among other things, to carry out traffic control duties, the IMT members are a valuable supplement to the existing traffic control measures already in place.

Added value

The use of an IMT can have many benefits during the temporary introduction of traffic control measures. They serve as the perfect interface between the client and/or the highways authority and the traffic control measures being applied. Thanks to their use of motorcycles, the IMTs can move swiftly and get to work immediately on resolving problems. Because working in this way can ensure better traffic flow, they provide great added value in the case of complex temporary traffic situations.

The Intervention Motorcycle Team can offer a project a number of benefits:

  • Regionally approved traffic controllers
  • VCA and BRL9101-certified
  • Visibly present in reflective yellow
  • Equipped with modern GPS communication systems
  • Generating images from live streaming body cams that you as the client can receive (live) via a web portal
  • Group leader to direct traffic controllers
  • Trained in dealing with the public and providing a point of contact for people in the neighbourhood
  • Can provide early warning of bottlenecks and act to resolve issues.

Thanks to their use of motorcycles, the IMTs can move swiftly and get to work immediately on resolving problems

Possible deployment

The use of an Intervention Motorcycle Team is not necessary on every project. It is important to analyse its complexity and decide from there how much added value an IMT can offer. We at BUKO Infrasupport discuss with the client what they want to do, we look at the most cost-effective solution, and then put forward a balanced recommendation for each individual case.


  • Traffic monitoring of flows, for example when roads are closed, and / or roads where additional traffic volumes are being diverted. (The monitoring is carried out using live streaming video linked to a GPS. The viewer can see via the system where the motorbike rider is at any time);
  • Monitoring traffic in every location (including on worksite and on roads where traffic control lights are in place). Also relevant for escorting emergency services and public transport.
  • Quality monitoring of the temporary traffic control measures that are in place;
  • Monitoring (mobile) (sports) events.
  • Support for emergencies and/or excess traffic volumes and/or projects involving movements of large loads.

In advance, well-defined targets are set jointly with the client and these are processed into clear instructions (Rider). Each member of the IMT is initially given an in-depth briefing so that they are aware of the potential bottlenecks and special features and points to look out for in the project and/or its phases. Once on site they can set to work directly. To keep communication lines short, during a project there is one spokesperson for the IMT.


BUKO Infrasupport ‘s Intervention Motorcycle Team is equipped with the latest equipment. They travel on recognisable service motorcycles with a standard stripe pattern, amber warning light and navigation. By selecting reliable Honda NT1100 motorcycles, we guarantee 24/7 deployment and standardisation of the equipment.

The IMT is also equipped with modern GPS communication systems and a body cam which can stream live video images that our clients can track in real time on their own web portal.


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