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Traffic safety

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Safety first is our motto. Your employees must always be able to work safely on the roads. And the traffic must be able to move through safely. At the same time, we want to keep disruption to a minimum. Because freely flowing traffic is important. Our employees always know from their training and experience what the best solution is. Every day we are jointly looking to improve traffic safety.

Because we want to be safe at all times

In each project we map out all the different factors and create a robust traffic plan. Can we install the closures in phases? Does a diversion make more sense, or is it better to close off one carriageway? We look for the best alternative for each project. Of course, always working within the applicable laws and regulations. And just before we apply the traffic control measures, we check one more time whether there is anything special we missed. Better safe than sorry. But we go further. Because people who are using the roads also shoulder their responsibilities. If they can see that the traffic control measures are not adequate, they can react swiftly and come up with an alternative. Since our employees undergo continuous training and education, they know exactly what is and what is not permitted, and they keep every situation safe. It’s not for nothing that we are BRL (Assessment guideline) certified.

Long-term relationships

Working together towards safety on the roads for over 30 years.

Safely en route

From our people in the office to the people on the road. We make sure their situation is safe. That all the rules and regulations are being followed. With the right equipment, personal protective equipment and certifications. You can rely on this.

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