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Maintenance & monitoring

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Once we have installed the permanent or temporary traffic control measures, our work is still far from done. Every project has individual needs. So we stay involved, and assume our responsibility. Including in unforeseen circumstances. So that you never have to search for assistance.

Continuous monitoring

Once we have installed the traffic control measures, then we maintain and monitor them. We check if all the signage is all upright and in the right place, adjust the phasing if necessary and regularly check if a closure is still in good order. If you want, we can do an extra maintenance check at the weekend. Better safe than sorry. This way we keep everything in good order. But we do more. Because sometimes the traffic control measures we took turn out to be inadequate. Or are not working properly. Then we adjust and we add more. With extra signs or mobile signage, for example. To keep the situation as safe as possible for everyone. That is what matters most to us. Once our equipment comes back to our branch everything, is checked, cleaned and if necessary, repaired. In addition, we carry out regular maintenance, so that everything works properly every time it leaves our branch. We treat people carefully, and also all our equipment. This is a point of honour for us.

Long-term relationships

Working together towards safety on the roads for over 30 years.

Keep travelling safely

We feel we are responsible. Even after our work is done. Do the traffic control measures need an adjustment or some extra maintenance? We’ll be there. Of course. You can expect that from us.

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We are here to help.