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The right traffic measures are essential if works are to be carried out safely on or alongside roads. Whether dealing with an emergency on our own site, or planned maintenance alongside one of the access routes. The safety of employees, suppliers and visitors is the top priority. No exceptions. We are BUKO Infrasupport. With our professional expertise we have been supplying the right traffic measures for every project for over 30 years. From advice to implementation and monitoring. We take care of it. Day and night. Throughout the Netherlands.

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Applying the correct traffic management measures is bespoke work. Because every traffic situation is different, and every project demands a new look at which measures are necessary. So we work with you to find smart solutions. Of course whenever safety and traffic flow are involved, But communication with those in the local area and planning are other important factors. We offer a total package and work with you to ensure that everything is handled properly. Whether we are looking at closing down part of a plant for its planned maintenance break or closing off half a carriageway on a main road because of an emergency. With our eight regional branches we are well-known everywhere and always close by. We also have the right certificates. It’s good to be safe.

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Gunvor | Peter van der Burg – Facilities and logistics manager

You can really rely on the people from BUKO. They get involved in the analysis and planning, and can adjust a traffic plan when necessary. This way we jointly achieve the best result.


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