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Temporary access control

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It may be necessary to manage the access control to project locations. An example might be access to the work site area for emergency services or works traffic, or regulating the public bus lanes along or across the working area. For this, mobile access barriers, linked to number plate recognition for access, is the ideal solution.

To set up the access management, for example you can use a remote control, GSM module, SOS access, Opticom or a short-range wireless module and connect this to the modular mobile access barrier system. The system has a mobile internet connection and can therefore be used in any location. The system can be installed rapidly because the intelligence is in the cloud-based software and it can be preconfigured.


The mobile access barrier can be deployed in various ways and can be extremely useful in a project. Less staff are needed thanks to the use of technology. It increases safety. The modular construction of the system means it can be adjusted to suit any location. The width of the system is maximum 60 centimetres, and the length is between 8.0 and 9.0 metres.

It can be used in the following ways:

  • Providing access to a closed working area for emergency services or works traffic
  • Creating a public bus lane alongside or across the closed working area
  • Managing entrances and exits during the process of closing
  • Closing off residential areas to prevent them being used as rat runs
  • Access to (parking areas near) event locations
  • Managing construction site logistics

User friendly management environment

Our web-based remote management cloud solution is the ideal tool for temporary project locations. With this solution you can access the management environment on any smart device that is connected to the Internet. You can watch the access barriers live, and use an intercom system to interact with the driver of an unrecognised vehicle. As a transport authority, you can use the management environment to provide access directly, and with the user-definable permission levels you can have multiple users working simultaneously without risking unauthorised actions.

If multiple users are working simultaneously, then the permission levels can be adapted to allow each to have different shared access to the management environment and so prevent unauthorised actions.

Extensive reporting capabilities

Our solution offers a wide range of reporting options. All the data that is collected from the installation of the mobile access barriers can be used afterwards to generate (management) reporting. In this way you can provide clear access to information for clients and other affected stakeholders about the results achieved by using the access barriers as part of the traffic control measures plan.

The prior agreements on, for example, traffic flow or public transport or the prevention of rat runs arising can be substantiated using these reports, which creates traction for implementing the works and minimising the level of nuisance.


Privacy is of the utmost importance to us: all data that are collected, (e.g. number plates) are processed in compliance with the applicable Privacy Law requirements. The software that we use for processing data was designed from the ground up to comply with all privacy regulations. Our software complies with these rules, and does not link number plates to personal details. In addition, data are automatically deleted from the system after the maximum storage period, and any anonymous data about passing traffic cannot be connected to a number plate or person. In all cases we sign a processing agreement in order to comply with the Privacy Law requirements.

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