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Preparation for works and traffic planning demand a lot of time and attention. At the same time you have to handle the management of the surrounding areas. Those living in the neighbourhood, nearby businesses, emergency services and public transport want to suffer as little disruption as possible from the planned works. You also want to ensure that road users can pass though safely, and that those working on the road can complete their work in safety. That is why we think it all through with you. We map out the situation clearly, look at the different stakeholders, and agree a traffic plan with everyone involved. With our professional expertise we have been supplying the right traffic measures for every project for over 30 years. Throughout the Netherlands. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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From closing off half a carriageway on a road through the countryside, to closing off the centre of a city for a festival. Every project is different. As is every location. The budget has to be right too so that you can apply the traffic measures that are needed. We work with you to figure out smart solutions. Wherever safety and traffic flow are involved, We can also take on the planning and communication with those in the local area. And if you want, we can translate the traffic plans into easily understood presentations for local people and businesses. We can also organise a residents’ evening. Once everything has been agreed, we then implement it flawlessly. Within budget and schedule, of course. And we track and monitor things continuously. So that you can be sure that everyone can continue working safely with as little disruption as possible to the traffic in the local area.

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Long-term relationships

Working together on road safety.

Gemeente Heemskerk | Arthur Peijnenburg – Local area manager public spaces/traffic expert

BUKO Infrasupport’s main strength is that they react rapidly and competently to queries, requests and adjustments. And they get involved in working out how we can best apply traffic management measures. All in all, a great partner over many years.

Quint & Van Ginkel | Adriaan Mons – Company Manager for Energy

Our collaboration with BUKO is notable for the short communication lines. We give them the order, BUKO does the rest. They prepare all our traffic plans and manage their implementation. For a decent price.


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